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Geriatric medicine and cultural gerontology by Desmond O'Neill

Abstract: T.S. Eliot once proposed that there were two sorts of problems in life. One prompted the question, ‘What are we going to do about it?’ and the other provoked the questions, ‘What does it mean? How does one relate to it?’ Geriatric medicine, an eminently practical specialty, has concentrated with good effect on the former but with notable exceptions has yet to devote significant time to the latter. Into this breach has developed an innovative and exciting movement in gerontology to provide a deeper and more comprehensive insight into the meaning of ageing. Largely encompassed by the terms of cultural, humanistic and narrative gerontology, their intent and methodologies in many ways mirror the relationship between the medical humanities, narrative medicine and medicine.

The Literature, Arts and Medicine Database (LitMed)

A collection of literature, fine art, visual art and performing art annotations created as a dynamic, comprehensive resource for scholars, educators, students, patients, and others interested in medical humanities.

Interacting with the Arts in Medicine

The site has a rich web-based repertoire of primary arts materials from which physicians and students can draw. This repository of visual, auditory and narrative art covers many relevant topics—from learning anatomy to patients’ experience of illness to challenges faced at the end of life.

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