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About the CGJ

The Canadian Geriatrics Journal (CGJ) is a peer-reviewed publication that is a home for innovative aging research of a high quality aimed at improving the health and the care provided to older persons residing in Canada and outside our borders. While we gratefully accept submissions from researchers outside our country, we are committed to encouraging aging research by Canadians. The CGJ is targeted to family physicians with training or an interest in the care of older persons, specialists in geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatrists, and members of other health disciplines with a focus on gerontology.

PUBLICATION FREQUENCY:  The Canadian Geriatrics Journal is an open access publication available on-line, and is published four times per year at

INDEXING: The Canadian Geriatrics Journal is indexed in the EBSCO and ProQuest databases.

PEER REVIEW PROCESS: All manuscripts will be initially reviewed by the editor in chief, and if appropriate the paper will be assigned to an associate editor. If the paper is judged to be suitable for possible publication, it will be sent to two or more external reviewers. Authors may indicate the names of up to 3 potential referees as well as those whom they wish not to review the paper, but the editors reserve the right to make the final choice or reviewers.

OPEN ACCESS POLICY: We have chosen to implement the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivative license (, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use and distribution, provided the original work is properly cited. Articles published under this Open Access model are made freely available online immediately upon publication, as part of a long-term archive, without subscription access restrictions. CGJ readers are entitled to use, reproduce, distribute or display these articles provided that:

  • the original authorship is properly and fully attributed;
  • the journal and publisher (Canadian Geriatrics Society) are attributed as the original place of publication with the correct citation details provided;
  • no articles are reproduced for commercial use without the prior consent of the Canadian Geriatrics Society and payment of the appropriate fee

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