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Awards Committee 

The goal of the awards committee is to enhance the CGS's profile among trainees and recognize the accomplishments of our members. The Awards Committee now focuses on centrally-adjudicated awards - CGS-CIHR Grants, Pete McCracken Physician Innovator in Education Award, Ronald Cape Distinguished Service Award, and the Lynn Beattie Clinical Leadership Award.

Gender & Equity Committee

The goal of the Gender & Equity Committee is to continue the ongoing discussion of issues of gender, equity, and diversity in the CGS. The committee makes recommendations on ASM speakers, award names, and executive makeup, to reflect diversity.   

The Canadian Geriatrics Journal Committee

The Canadian Geriatrics Journal Committee oversees the content of the journal and manages the submission, peer review, and copyediting process. The committee itself consists of the editorial board (the Editor-in-chief and the 2 associate editors)-it doesn’t have any other members.

CPD Committee

The CGS Continuing Professional Development Committee (CPD Committee) is a committee of CGS members with an interest in promoting excellent care for older adults in Canada by increasing competencies in geriatric care through high-quality Continuing Professional Development for physicians & other professionals. The members work to stay current on National Accreditation Standards and share this knowledge with CPD developers within the CGS. The committee is increasing the focus on the opportunities to embed quality improvement in the CGS’s CPD offerings. An ongoing priority is helping to summarize perceived and unperceived learning needs for the CGS members and others working with older adults to influence the content of continuing professional development. The CPD committee is committed to representing the diversity of Canadians, including but not limited to race, culture, gender, sexual orientation, geographic location in Canada, socioeconomic early life, practice pattern, and career stage. This will help the CGS better meet the needs of all older adults living in Canada and their healthcare providers.

The Canadian Geriatrics Journal of CME

The Canadian Geriatrics Journal of CME is under the direction of an editorial board that oversees the content of the journal and manages the submission, peer review, and copyediting process -it doesn’t have any other members.


Education Committee

The Education Committee was created to serve and promote an educational system where all Canadian medical graduates, both undergraduate and postgraduate, achieve basic competencies in the care of older adults and many choose a focus of practice in geriatrics.

Membership Committee 

The membership committees goal is to enhance the membership of the CGS and assure those that apply for membership meet the criteria. The committee is also responsible for assisting with the selection of individuals for fellowship status and permanent life status patrons. 


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