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Wednesday, May 26, 2021  

Back to the Future: Geriatrics for the 21st Century
Louise Aronson

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Thursday, May 27, 2021

MAID and Geriatrics: A Growing and Complex Relationship
Jocelyn Downie, Laura Wilding, James Silvius and Jocelyn Chase

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A Tale of Two Settings: How do we Adapt Geriatrics to Virtual Care?
Zahra Goodarzi, Jennifer Watt and Roger Marple

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Concurrent Block 1  

Oral Abstract Presentations, Eligible for Thompson Award
Manan Ahuja, Kaitlin Lewis, Monisha Basu, Raphaelle Koerber, Scott MacKay, Alfiya Mukharyamova and 
Cody Thompson

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Geriatric Certificate Program: Experience with an Online Learning Program
Sharon Marr and Jennifer Siemon

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Specialized Geriatric Services: Aging In Home Care: A Stitch In Time
George Heckman and Sophie Hogeveen

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 Concurrent Block 2  

Oral Abstract Presentations, Eligible for the Réjean Hébert Award

Victoria Chuen, Saumil Dholakia, David Hewitt, Benoit Lafleur, Guillaume Lim Fat and Lindsay Schnarr

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Older Adults in the Emergency Department
Brittany Ellis and Cyrille Launay

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Geriatrics & Physician Resource Planning for the Future
Michael Borrie, Jose Morais and Lesley Charles

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Brain Health in Aging – New Directions for the CIHR – Institute of Aging
Jane Rylett

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Friday, May 28, 2021  

Can Frailty Be Mitigated?
Kenneth Rockwood, Alexandra Papaioannou, Courtney Kennedy and Olga Theou

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Concurrent Block 3  

Oral Abstract Presentations, Eligible for the Dr. Jack & Dr. Asa Award
Serina Dai, Sophie Del Degan, Amy Miles, Christina Reppas-Rindlisbacher, Victoria Xu

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To Use or Not to Use - That is the Question!
Louise Papillon-Ferland, Emily G. McDonald and Justin Turner

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Home Visits for Frail Older Adults
Amy Freedman and Elizabeth Niedra

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Concurrent Block 4  
Oral Abstract Presentations, Eligible for the Cowdry Award
Frederico Faria, Joel Mahon, Abdelhady Osman, Anaïs Payen, Samuel Searle and Munira Sultana
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Global Guidelines for Fall Prevention and Management: An International Initiative
Manuel Montero-Odasso, Tahir Masud, Jesper Ryg, Mirko Petrovic and Nathalie van der Velde

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Technologies to Support Healthy Brain Aging: Emotions, Ethics, and Experiences
Julie Robillard and Barbara Lindsay

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Deeper Dive into Five
Dov Gandell and Carolyn Tan

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