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Geriatric medicine addresses the complex, and often unique, health care needs of the elderly. It is an interdisciplinary field, where geriatricians, family physicians, residents, students, nurses, social workers, physical & occupational therapists, family members, and patients work together with the goal of comprehensive (and patient-centered) care.

This website is for students, at any stage of their education, who take a special interest in aging adults. There are resources, learning modules, practice guidelines & tools, fun YouTube clips and more!

If you are a Canadian medical student and would like to be involved in the National Geriatrics Interest Group (NGIG) or your school's Geriatrics Interest Group (GIG), please visit the Interest Groups page to learn more.

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The 2016 NGIG Publication has arrived! Please click below to download the publication.

More information about the NGIG Publication can be found on our Publications page.


Meet the 2014-2015 NGIG Award Winners:


Congratulations to Aliya Ramjaun, from the University of Toronto, and Madura Sundareswaran, from the University of Alberta!

Aliya was awarded the NGIG Student Research Award, which was generously funded by the Geriatric Education and Research in Aging Sciences (GERAS) Center in Hamilton, Ontario. Madura was awarded the J.L. NGIG Student Leadership Award.


Left: Aliya Ramjaun with Dr. Andrew Costa. Right: Madura Sundareswaran